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D Dalvey

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 3020 appointed Barringham International Property Management Pte. Ltd as the Managing Agent on I August2013. Since Barringham Int’I had taken over from Abacus Property Management Pte. Ltd, The Management Corporation has seen a vast improvement to the estate and a mark difference in the management of D’Dalvey.

Where Abacus Property Management Pte Ltd failed to supervise, monitor and follow through with the service providers for the estate, Barringham lnt’l has diligently put in place the necessary contracts, schedule and contact of the service providers of the estate. The estate landscaping and other outstanding issues left behind are being followed up closely. The residents of D’Dalvey have feedback on the improvement seen in the estate.

Yourself, being the man at the helm of Barringham lnternational Property Management Pte Ltd, who through your dedication and hard work have in such a short time change the estate and improve its quality. You have been a motivation to the staffs and Managers under you and has shown great example as a leader. You have diligently, through your experience and knowledge in estate management and your resilience communicate effectively to the contractors providing service to the estate to do their due diligent.

On behalf of The Management Council and residents of MCST 3020, I would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work. We are pleased with the pro-activeness and efficiency you and your team have shown in your management. You had not failed in delivering what you had presented to The Management Corporation.

We look forward to a long time working relationship with Barringham International Property Management Pte Ltd. We would highly recommend Barringham Int’l to other developments and will be glad to be future reference.

Thank you Yours faithfully,

D Dalvey

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