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I’d like to express my appreciation to Dato’ B H Jalil and his team from Barringham International for their excellent work in managing D’Chateau
@ Shelford under MCST 3708.

In the first week of taking over as the new managing agent of the estate, during this critical transformation period, Barringham International effectively took control of all our existing contractors without any issues, uncovered financial discrepancies with the incumbent managing agent, proposed numerous preventive measures and reviewed our existing SOPs.
Barringham International was able to manage a surplus of l8% of our operating budget through better negotiating contracts skills, efficient management and cost savings in the rejuvenation of an ageing estate.
We are highly appreciative of their work; we needed to regularise everything that had not been done for years. I feel they have gone far and beyond their initial scope ascertained. I am confident about their knowledge in Facility Management and I can surely recommend Barringham International to property investors.

It was a right move that MCST 3708 engaged Barringham International as Managing Agent for DChateau @ Shelford. There have been too many occasions to enumerate in which the council have found their work to be beyond our standards.


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