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East Elegance Apartment

Since the management corporation has appointed Barringham lnternational as managing agent for East Elegance, we have seen a marked improvement to our estate amenity in terms of cleanliness, security and particularly, in the reduction of illegal parking in our estate, which was a significant problem under the previous management. The residents and subsidiary proprietors also appreciate the initiatives taken by your team to reduce the cost of maintaining the estate on a daily basis and in making suggestions for cost-effective improvements to our amenities.

We are very pleased with the accessibility, dedication, pro-activeness and efficiency shown by you and your team. Your collective friendly disposition,.ability to interact effectively with residents and council members, prompt and effective actions when changes require, are the factors underpinning the high standards established, I am very confident that the quality of your service will inevitably increase the value of our property
in the longer-term.

We greatly appreciate our partnership with you and would readily. recommend Barringham lnternational to any estate seeking the services of a high-quality managing agent at a reasonable Price.
On personal note, I am very grateful to you for the wise advice and guidance you have so often shared with me in the course of my duties as a secretary.

Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

East Elegance Apartment

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