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Edelweiss Park

On behalf of MCST 3224, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping to take over the management of our estate and clear the problems left behind by the previous managing agent (SteadLink Asset Management Pte Ltd). Thank you for dedicating extra personal time and hard work with your endless advice to the Management Council to get repair works done and institute proper operation of day to day functions within our estate.

Many of our Subsidiary Proprietors have seen the improvements to their estate and its management and are very happy and satisfied with the performance of the Barringham team: in resolving outstanding issues left behind by our previous MA such as in handling illegal usage of common areas. I’m sure you have received appreciation emails from residents of our estate to praise your site staff for their hard work and their pro-activeness in resolving difficult issues faced by them.

You have been very diligent in keeping check on your site staff and are well informed of matters arising within the estate to support, advise and get things done. Please continue to keep up the good work and we look forward to many more years of cooperation between the Management Corporation and Barringham International in making our estate a place we can be proud of.

We shall be glad to recommend Barringham lnternational Property Management Pte Ltd to cover estates who are in need of your MA services.
I wish you good health and prospering business in the years to come with deep appreciation.

Edelweiss Park

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