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Gurkha Contingent Estate

Mr Jalil Bin Hasan held the post of the CPG Facility Management Building Manager in the Gurkha Contingent from November 2000 to January 2003.

The Gurkha Contingent estate comprises residential buildings, numerous offices and department blocks, training and lecture facilities and full range of athletics and sporting facilities which are all spread over an area of 19.5 ha.

His responsibilities included budget control, submission of project papers to
justify expenditure and upgrading of facilities, quality control of ongoing CPGC projects, on behalf of the Gurkha Contingent and the co-ordination of a team of 3 civilian and 8 uniformed staff.

During his tenure Jalil demonstrated the highest standards of professional ability. He readily accepted added responsibility and applied astute judgement and knowledge to all aspects of his work. His problem-solving and managerial skills are first-class and through diligence and initiative he displayed the attributes required for enhanced responsibility of a larger estate. He consistently produces original and creative thought and under his leadership the environment in which we work and live has been greatly improved. His ability, hard work and professionalism have made a major impact to the lives of many members of our community.

In summary Mr Jalil is a skilled and highly motivated professional who works well in a multiracial environment. He was always aware of the confidential nature of some aspects of his work and maintained the appropriate level of security in these areas. He is reliable, honest and conscientious. He has a pleasant personality and he reacts to instructions speedily and produces accurate and well-researched papers. Above all he is an achiever, who is extremely loyal and gives his very best at all times.

I wish him well and am confident that he will continue to excel in his chosen profession. He will be missed by the Gurkha community.

Gurkha Contingent Estate

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