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Tanemera Crest

Dear Dato Jalil, Siti R, Albert and Nicholas,

For the last few years, we have been working together to manage our estate – Tanamera Crest. There are instances in our estate that requires immediate attention, response, dedication and listening to Council and residents’ feedback. These are attended to by Barringham’s staff with great professionalism and care. Barringham’s technician and aII the vendors played a great part in the estate’s well-being.

It has been a pleasure working with people that have the drive and integrity to make our estate a better living place.

Our Council – Mr. Alhert and Mr. Nicholas have put in tremendous effort and time for our estate. Without their advice and commitment in their respective areas our estate will not be able to run smoothly and with surplus money in our account. The landscape has improved – thanks to Albertrs ingenuity.

So, well done and give a pat on your backs. We move on with our businesses. Big and sincere – Thankyou by Council Members to Barringham International.

Sincere thanks to Albert and Nicholas for their support, dedication and selfless sacrifice to our estate.

Tanemera Crest

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