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The Espira

Since the appointment of Barringham International Properly Management Pte Ltd as the Managing Agent of The Espira in October 2011, The Management has been very happy and satisfied with the performance of Barringham team in resolving the outstanding work Ieft behind by our previous MA. In such a short-time of taking over, Barringham team, especially the Managing Director, Mr. B H Jalil, has managed to make a different to the estate. We have seen a marked improvement to the estate amenity, in terms of cleanliness, security and especially to the defects issues.

Mr. B H Jalil had shown his dedication and hard work and with his intuition has stand for the rights of The Management Corporation in dealing with errand Managing Agent and now is helping out The Management Corporation to handle with the Developer to make good oft he defects in The Espira. He has shown resilience and has been firm in his communication with The Developer that has a positive result to The Management.

We are pleased with the accessiblity dedication proactiveness and efficiency shown by you and your team. Your collective friendly disposition and ability to interact with residents and councils and prompt effective actions upon request are the factors contributed to your high standards establishment
We appreciate your partnership greatly and would highly recommend Barringham to other developments. We hope this relationship would be a long term, for the benefit of The Espira and its residents.

The Espira

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