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The Grandiflora

On behalf of the managing council of ‘The Grandiflora’ MCST 2963, we would like to commend you, Jalil and your team at Barringham lnternational for the many years of effective service.

During this time, you personally helped us manage our first repainting from the quotation stage to the management of our sinking funds, allowing our residence to vote for colour combinations etc. all in all, a very successful project. The ongoing maintenance of the pool and water supplies etc. with broken pipes and then unknown water loss you were able to promptly solve the problems and negotiate with SP Services to minimise our losses due to the leak.

Most recently the Drainage and Garden refurbishment project which has turned out to be a fantastic success. We have one of the most beautiful gardens in the street with automatic watering systems and proper drainage meaning that with very little labor required, our garden looks better than they did after TOP.

We have had our share of owners who have not played by the rules or have been slow in payments… you have handled those matters firmly but with respect.

All in all, we are very happy with the services that you and Barringham are providing us and I would be happy to recommend you to other M.C.’s if asked to.

We wish you good health and prosperity in the future.

The Grandiflora

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